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Restrictive Sign Ordinance set for vote this afternoon

Tuesday, November 5, 2013, 11:39 am News Flash Archive

Version 8 of the sign ordinance is set for adoption at this afternoon's city council meeting.

The ordinance will ban nearly all temporary business signs placed on business property near a street.

These signs, which include banners, yard-type signs, placards, and temporary wooden or plastic signs, are often used to inform potential customers driving by of business specials and sales.

The ordinance, if passed, will have a devastating impact on new start-up businesses, and businesses with a small profit margin, as they will be unable to utilize the cheapest, most effective means of attracting new customers.

In addition, the ordinance will require churches, civic organizations, clubs, and others to obtain city hall permits and pay a fee before they can put up banners or signs in non-residential areas promoting civic events, festivals, bazaars, revival meetings, scripture verses, or other non-business-related information.

Businesses will also be required to obtain and pay for a permit before any new permanent sign can be put up.

Amazingly, the ordinance even requires a permit and fee for most INDOOR signs and displays, whether permanent or temporary! This regulation of indoor signs would apply to all businesses, churches, office buildings, etc. that are not in residential zoned areas.

For more about the impact of this ordinance, I have prepared a three page analysis that describes further problems with this proposed ordinance. It may be viewed here:
Analysis of Sign Ordinance

The text of the proposed ordinance may be viewed here:
Proposed Sign Ordinance

John Pittman Hey
The Taxpayers Channel

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