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Another Arnold Smith lawsuit thrown out

Thursday, October 20, 2016, 1:36 pm News Flash Archive

Yesterday, Federal District Court Judge Carlton Reeves summarily dismissed yet another of around a dozen lawsuits filed by Dr. Arnold Smith in the aftermath of his indictment for conspiracy to murder Greenwood attorney Lee Abraham back in 2012.

Smith was declared incompetent to stand trial on the charge of conspiracy to commit capital murder in the shoot-out that took place in April 2012 at the Market Street offices of local attorney Lee Abraham. Instead, the court had Dr. Smith committed for evaluation and treatment at Whitfield.

Smith has been suing Attorney General Jim Hood, the local prosecutors, the physicians, the State, Sheriff Ricky Banks, and Lee Abraham ever since.

Last February, Dr. Smith went to federal court in Jackson and once again sued Attorney General Jim Hood and Lee Abraham, this time adding the Department of Mental Health, and a host of lawyers and physicians, claiming that they had all illegally conspired to have him committed to the state mental hospital at Whitfield, where he presently remains and receives treatment for delusional disorder. A copy of his complaint may be seen here: Dr. Arnold Smith v. Jim Hood, Lee Abraham, et al.

But on October 19, Judge Reeves dismissed Dr. Smith's suit, noting that he would have to first show that he had been unlawfully committed to the state hospital before he could sue to recover damages for it. Judge Reeves noted that, on the contrary, Smith already lost all his previous suits seeking to overturn his commitment. In short, the courts have already determined that Smith's commitment is lawful and proper, and under federal law, he cannot claim damages because of it.

Judge Reeves' opinion may be viewed here: Opinion Dismissing Dr. Smith's Lawsuit.

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