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Greenwood fires police officer in Jelani Barr arrest

Monday, May 18, 2015, 10:00 am News Flash Archive

Mayor Carolyn McAdams has confirmed that Lt. Randy Powell was fired from the Greenwood Police Department last Friday for his conduct in the arrest of Jelani Barr.

Reporting by The Taxpayers Channel had previously revealed that Powell's arrest affidavit and investigative report were replete with lies and fabricated accusations against Mr. Barr.

According to his own report, Powell had evidently been motivated to arrest Barr in large part because Barr criticized police conduct. Powell alleged in his report that these criticisms are a crime under the Ordinances of the City of Greenwood, which criminalizes "insulting" or "ridiculing" the police. In the end, Barr was arrested because the police falsely accused him of refusing to leave the scene of a traffic stop when ordered to do so. However, video taken of the incident by Barr showed that Barr had promptly complied with police orders, but was arrested anyway.

Mayor McAdams issued this statement to The Taxpayers Channel this morning:

A decision to terminate Lt. Powell was determined on Friday. Lt. Powell violated many of the official procedures policeman file after an incident. It is always a hard and unfortunate situation when one's career is ended due to merely not following the rules. I support the decision made by Chief Moore and agree 100 percent with the termination.

Since this is a personnel matter and at this time I do not believe Lt. Powell will not [sic] be requesting a hearing from the Civil Service Commission then all the findings will stay confidential.

Powell's false Investigative Report may be viewed here: Barr Investigative Report

A complete transcript of the arrest encounter may be viewed here: Barr Arrest Video Transcript

There is no further information as to whether Sgt. Michael Hoskins, who also filed a false report on the arrest, has been suspended, but Police Chief Ray Moore had previously told the Greenwood Commonwealth that an internal investigation into Hoskins' statements had been opened.

John Pittman Hey
The Taxpayers Channel

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