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Greenwood sets Jelani Barr trial date for August 3rd

Wednesday, July 1, 2015, 11:32 am News Flash Archive

Refusing to drop the charges against Jelani Barr, the City of Greenwood has set his trial date for Monday, August 3 at 2 pm in municipal court.

Barr's trial will take place the day before the state-wide Democrat primary is held, in which Barr is running as a long-shot candidate for Lt. Governor.

Both police officers involved in the arrest were later shown to have lied in their reports and affidavit when video of the entire event was posted on Youtube by Barr. The video shows Barr complying with the officers' demands and breaking no law, contrary to their reports submitted to Police Chief Ray Moore at the time. Moore then repeated their false and defamatory claims in the Greenwood Commonwealth the following day.

Powell and Hoskins assaulted Barr without provocation and kidnapped him for several hours before releasing him in the early hours of the morning, then tried to cover up their misconduct by filing the false reports and affidavit.

Lt. Randy Powell was later fired for his role in the arrest. An investigation was opened regarding Sgt Michael Hoskins' conduct, but no further information has been released by the city on his status.

Powell's false Investigative Report may be viewed here: Secret Police Investigative Report re: Barr Arrest

It is unclear whether Powell will be able to testify in the trial against Barr, since his case has been forwarded to the prosecutor for consideration whether he should be charged with submitting a perjured affidavit to attempt to justify his arrest of Barr.

John Pittman Hey
The Taxpayers Channel

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