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Some Facts about the Anti-sign Ordinance

Tuesday, February 16, 2010, 10:25 am News Flash Archive

In yesterday's Greenwood Commonwealth, many no doubt read about the proposed sign ordinance that some of our city leaders are proposing.

I have studied it most carefully, and here are some things the public should know.

1. No free-standing sign can be taller than 8 feet, except in industrial zones. This means that almost all free-standing signs in Greenwood would be made illegal. This includes billboards.

2. All flags are outlawed except the American flag and the Mississippi flag. This includes corporate flags, pole-mounted banners, the MIA flag at the veteran's memorial, and even the flag of the city of Greenwood.

3. Almost all signs in people's yards are outlawed. Signs with bible verses, "Beware of Dog" signs, 10 commandment signs, "I love Obama" or "Impeach Obama" signs, signs promoting political causes, "Welcome Home" signs, etc., would all become illegal. The ordinance even limits political signs to 60 days prior to the election and allows only one per candidate in a yard.

4. Churches are severely restricted in their signage to no more than 62.5 sq feet total area. Indeed, a cross affixed to the building, or a stained glass window that depicts the Savior or a Saint counts against the 62.5 sq foot limit on church signs.

5. It would be illegal to put up an advent cross or Easter cross with a sash that blows in the wind in front of houses of worship.

6. This ordinance would bar churches and home-owners from putting up banners on their own property proclaiming the name of the Lord, or promoting revival meetings, or calling upon the public to turn toward the Lord.

John Pittman Hey
The Taxpayers Channel

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