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Lawsuit Filed in animal seizure case

Thursday, August 18, 2011, 2:13 pm News Flash Archive

This morning, Susie James filed a lawsuit against the Carroll County Sheriff's Department, In Defense of Animals, and its agent Doll Stanley, for the taking of her pets last May.

She is represented by Greenwood attorney Tom Calhoun.

Twice in May, Ms. Stanley and Carroll County Deputy Sheriff Brad Carver entered Ms. James' property and, at least one time, broke into her home, and seized around a dozen dogs and cats which they claimed were not well cared for.

They claimed to have a court order allowing them to seize Ms. James' animals.

However, according to Ms. James' lawsuit, the court orders did not authorize the seizure of her animals. Instead, the lawsuit alleges that Stanley, Carver, and others, trespassed upon her property, broke into and entered her home, assaulted her, and took her animals without any legal authority.

The suit claims that the court orders did not comply with state law, and offer no protection to Stanley and Carver for their actions.

The suit is a "complaint for discovery" and seeks to obtain documents, pictures, and videos of the incidents, to support Ms. James' civil rights action against Stanley, IDA, Carver, and the Sheriff's Department. Specifically, the suit demands that the animals taken be produced as discovery evidence so that Ms. James and her attorney can assess her true damages in the case.

The complaint may be viewed here: Animal Seizure Lawsuit

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