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Jennings: Jordan "too old to have his butt whipped"

Tuesday, January 21, 2014, 10:25 pm News Flash Archive

This afternoon's Greenwood City Council meeting provided several incidents of high drama.

Toward the end of the meeting, as the council was debating asking the Legislature to renew authorization for the Convention and Visitors Bureau, Ward 1 Council member Johnny Jennings brought up the fact that he pays more property taxes and owns more real estate than does Ward 6 Council member and State Senator David Jordan.

This is a familiar argument that Jennings frequently brings up when discussing city business at the council meeting and with his constituents.

Jennings continued to press the point, and after Council President Ronnie Stevenson told him his comments were out of order, he interjected "I'll bring all my tax receipts down here."

When Jennings persisted in threatening to bring all his tax receipts to city hall to show everybody how much he pays in property taxes, Stevenson asked him in exasperation to "leave him [Jordan] alone!"

Jennings then retorted "he's [Jordan] just about too old to have his butt whipped like it should be, he's just about too old." He repeated this statement at least twice more, while Stevenson and the other members ignored his comments.

John Pittman Hey
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