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BREAKING: First Published Certified Run-off Results Show Cochran widening lead

Thursday, July 3, 2014, 1:18 pm News Flash Archive

Certified county results of Leflore County for the Republican run-off for Senate are being published by The Taxpayers Channel today. To our knowledge, no other certified county results have been published.

The certified results from Leflore County show that Thad Cochran netted an additional 135 votes over the previously reported unofficial results compiled by the Associated Press wire service on election night. The now-certified results show Cochran with 1718 votes and McDaniel with 455 votes.

These first certified results from a small county should be a warning shot over the Cochran and McDaniel camps: the final vote spread may very well change significantly when it is announced on July 7th by the State Republican Executive Committee.

The certified results for Leflore County may be viewed here: Leflore County Certified Run-off Election Results

Statewide, the AP has reported that Cochran edged out McDaniel by 6693 votes, but those vote results were unofficial.

Only the CERTIFIED vote totals are conclusive and final, and in Leflore County, the process of certification brought additional net votes for Senator Cochran.

During the canvass and certification process, absentee and affidavit ballots are counted, and the final results summed up and certified by the county Republican Executive Committee. Those results are then forwarded to the State Republican Executive Committee.

The Leflore County results were certified by the Execute Committee on June 30th.

When we inquired of State Executive Committee Chairman Joe Nosef about why county certified results were not being published as they were received, he informed us that they would all be published on July 7th, the deadline for the state party to certify the entire primary run-off.

We urged Mr. Nosef to publish the county by county certified results as they were received, in order to provide full transparency and in order to quell suspicions that they had been kept secret. Mr. Nosef replied that the county executive committees are free to publish their certified results themselves.

Most county executive committees do not have websites or Facebook pages on which to publish their results.

A final appeal was made to the State GOP to publish the results as they are received from the county executive committees, so that nobody is blind-sided by a big swing in the final certified numbers.

As of noon today, the State Republican Executive Committee has declined to publish county certified results on its website.

If any other county results are published, we would appreciate it if our readers would forward a link to those results as well.

John Pittman Hey
The Taxpayers Channel

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