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Commonwealth sez Powell beats Smith by 1 vote!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014, 10:22 pm News Flash Archive

The Commonwealth is reporting just now that Andrew Powell managed to beat Norman Smith by 1 vote in the Ward 5 Special election held today.

Smith had passed away on November 19th, but managed to garner 111 votes per the Commonwealth.

Powell eked out 112 votes.

No reporting yet as to whether there were any write-in votes cast.

Mayor McAdams claimed that the AG's office has opined that none of Smith's votes should be counted because they are illegal, since he is dead.

Apparently, Dorothy Glenn and other allies were heavily promoting a vote for Norman Smith to protest the results of the election contest that ousted Glenn and required the special election in the first place.

In that election contest, the court held that Glenn had illegally obtained the position by lying about her residence. The court concluded that she did not actually live in Ward 5, and ordered a new election.

John Pittman Hey
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