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Sheriel Perkins files election contest

Monday, June 24, 2013, 2:24 pm News Flash Archive

The Circuit Clerk's office has confirmed to The Taxpayers Channel that Sheriel Perkins has filed her election contest against Mayor Carolyn McAdams a little while ago.

Mrs. Perkins stated the following on her Facebook page 25 minutes ago:

Today, I filed my lawsuit contesting the mayoral general election where Carolyn McAdams was declared the winner. After the examination of the ballot boxes and the gathering of other evidence, we concluded that too many major voting irregularities took place to show that McAdams did not receive the majority of the LEGAL votes. There were illegal votes counted for her and there were lawful votes which were not counted for me. Alternatively, the election was tainted by illegal and fraudulent activities which destroyed the integrity of the election process so that the poplar will could not be determined.

I'm asking the court & jury to declare me as the winner of the June 4, 2013, mayoral election based upon an accurate count of the legal cast votes. If this cannot be ascertained, I'm asking that the result be thrown out and for a special election to be ordered.

John Pittman Hey
The Taxpayers Channel

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