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Explosive Letter from Arnold Smith to Governor Bryant

Monday, May 7, 2012, 3:13 pm News Flash Archive

The Taxpayers Channel has obtained a letter written by Dr. Arnold Smith on April 18, 2012 to Governor Bryant, just eleven days before the doctor was arrested for conspiracy to murder Lee Abraham.

The letter appears to be a rant by a delusional person, making a raft of false and malicious accusations against a variety of people. This letter is consistent with other letters from Dr. Smith during the past year, and emails that TTC has received from him. The accusations are similar or identical between the various letters and emails.

This letter, which was written after the reported "knife/hammer attack" on Smith that took place several weeks ago, makes many unbelievable accusations against AG Jim Hood, President Barak Obama, Dr. Sayed Rafique, and Lee Abraham, among others. These include:

1. Dr. Rafique (Smith's former business associate) stole $1,000,000 from Smith.

2. Lee Abraham "orchestrated the fraudulent election" of Mayor Carolyn McAdams, thereby allowing her to control the police chief and detectives to help cover up crimes against Dr. Smith and others.

3. Informants tell Dr. Smith that Dr. Rafique's family imports cocaine into the United States which is distributed by Lee Abraham.

4. A "post-hypnotic delusional victim of Lee Abraham's Illuminati drug manipulation" tried to assassinate Dr. Smith in the knife and hammer attack.

5. That Lee Abraham is "a practicing Muslim deep in organized crime helping Obama corrupt this nation's fabric."

6. That several women have told Dr. Smith that they were drugged by Lee Abraham, raped, and forced into a prostitution ring under threat of death.

The letter concludes with Dr. Smith describing how he has acquired video evidence against Lee Abraham and stored it at multiple sites which "should survive my death. Lee knows this. He still wants me killed, as power, dirty money, jihad, destruction and hate are the Muslim way."

The letter may be viewed here: Arnold Smith letter to Governor Bryant

This letter appears to support the notion that Dr. Smith is delusional.

Nobody should take any of the accusations in this letter seriously, in TTC's opinion.

Since Dr. Smith is now a public figure, charged with murder, this letter is a genuine matter of public concern, having been published by him to numerous elected officials.

John Pittman Hey
The Taxpayers Channel

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