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Greenwood population drops 128 people, shrinks 16.7% in 10 years

Thursday, May 27, 2021, 4:30 pm News Flash Archive

The latest population estimates published today by the United States Census Bureau show that the city of Greenwood has lost 16.7% of its population since July 2010. The Census Bureau estimates the population of Greenwood has dropped to 13,457, down from 13,585 last year, the lowest it has been since the mid-1930s.

Mississippi towns which have lost more than 20% population since 2010 are Winona (23.5%), Kilmichael (22.6%), West (22.2%), Smithville (21.2%), Lyon (20.3%), and Tunica (20.1%).

Overall, the population of the state of Mississippi dropped by 0.1% since 2010.

The population estimate data for Greenwood and selected surrounding towns and cities is set forth below:

Leflore County shrank at a rate of 14.1% during the same 10 year period.

The population estimate data for all Mississippi towns may be downloaded here: 2020 Mississippi Towns Population Estimates

The population estimates that the Census Bureau provides are not the same as the 2020 Census data. State-wide 2020 Census population figures have been released, but no county or city 2020 Census population figures have been published as of yet. According to the official 2020 Census figures, Mississippi's population as of April 1, 2020 was 2,963,914.

The Population Estimates are based upon the 2010 census figures, statistically extrapolated using various surveys and other data inputs that are constantly collected by the Department of Commerce and the Census Bureau. Each year, the Population Estimates since 2010 are revised to include the latest data collected.

But the 2020 Population Estimates are not based upon any data collected by the 2020 Census takers.

Population Estimates are calculated as of July of each year, while the 2020 Census figures are compiled as of April 2020.

The official 2020 Census population figures for counties and cities are to be released in Fall 2021.

John Pittman Hey
The Taxpayers Channel

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