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Police Video Confirms Cops Lied in Barr Arrest

Friday, September 11, 2015, 11:05 am News Flash Archive

Police body camera video obtained by The Taxpayers Channel confirms that Greenwood police officers lied about the arrest of Jelani Barr, and fabricated false claims that he was interfering with their investigation.

The video, obtained through a public records request from the Greenwood Police Department, shows Barr at all times to be calm, cooperative, and compliant with the officers' illegal demands that he leave the store where they had earlier detained a suspect.

The body camera video taken by Lt. Randy Powell, may be viewed here: Lt. Powell Body Cam Video

This is the first time that body camera video from the Greenwood Police Department has ever been published by any media outlet.

The police video overlaps Barr's video, which was published the day after the arrest. See Citizen Video refutes Police Chief Moore's statements.

Barr's own video may be seen here: Jelani Barr's arrest video

The police video published today shows Powell repeatedly telling Sgt. Michael Hoskins to "lock him [Barr] up" and "take him straight to the back road", a street term for the county prison south of the industrial park.

Amazingly, the video shows Powell and Hoskins removing the suspect they had arrested from the rear of the police cruiser so that they could transport Barr to jail. Apparently, jailing Barr, who had done nothing wrong, was more pressing than transporting their arrest suspect to the station.

Barr has since been completely exonerated in municipal court: Court Rejects City's Gambit, Dismisses Case against Barr.

Last week, Barr filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against Powell, Hoskins, and the City of Greenwood: Greenwood, Policemen sued for illegal arrest.

Lt. Powell, the officer taking the video published today, was later fired from the Greenwood police force for misconduct in the matter of the Barr arrest: BREAKING: Police Officer suspended pending investigation of Barr arrest.

John Pittman Hey
The Taxpayers Channel

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