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Video: Hey calls for prosecution of police officer in Jelani Barr arrest

Tuesday, April 21, 2015, 8:33 pm News Flash Archive

John Pittman Hey addressed the Greenwood City Council meeting on April 21st, 2015, and called upon the city to do whatever it takes to bring the police officer who falsely arrested Jelani Barr to justice.

When a police officer unlawfully arrests a citizen who has committed no crime, the arrest is in fact an assault and kidnapping. Police officers are rarely prosecuted for these criminal acts against innocent persons.

Hey pointed out that video footage of the incident proved that Officer Randy Powell had lied about what Barr had done when he arrested him, and that Barr had broken no law and had fully complied with Powell's illegal command to leave the scene.

Barr, a frequent police critic, was videoing the police as they worked a traffic stop. He never interfered in any way, and walked away as soon as Powell demanded that he do so. Powell arrested Barr anyway and falsely charged him with refusing to obey his commands.

Video of Hey's statement to the council may be seen here: TTC's John Pittman Hey addresses City Council re: illegal arrest

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