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Greenwood, Leflore County schools receive 'D' grades

Thursday, July 14, 2016, 11:25 am News Flash Archive

This morning, the Mississippi Department of Education released final Accountability Ratings for all Mississippi Public Schools. Both Greenwood and Leflore County Public schools received overall grades of D.

The full state-wide report may be viewed here: MDOE 2015 Accountability Report.

The bad news for local schools is that the grades issued for certain individual schools are higher than testing and other metrics would have given, due to a "waiver" that will expire before next year's grades. Under the waiver, a school that suffers a drop in its accountability rating is allowed to retain its previous, higher score.

Thus, the actual grades for some schools are lower than the official grades, at least for this year. Next year, the waiver disappears, and the schools can anticipate their official scores going down.

Here are the official vs. actual scores of the local schools according to today's final report:

Bankston ElementaryAC
Davis ElementaryCC
Threadgill ElementaryDD
Greenwood Middle SchoolCF
Greenwood High SchoolDD
Greenwood DistrictDD

Leflore County ElementaryDF
Claudine Brown Elementaryn/aD
East ElementaryDD
Amanda Elzy Junior HighDD
Amanda Elzy High SchoolDD
Leflore County High SchoolCD
Leflore County DistrictDD

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