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Court filing suggests Arnold Smith may soon be released from Whitfield

Wednesday, September 21, 2016, 3:40 pm News Flash Archive

In a stunning revelation, a routine filing yesterday in federal Bankruptcy court suggested that Dr. Arnold Smith is soon to be released from the state mental hospital at Whitfield.

Craig Geno, Dr. Smith's bankruptcy attorney, asked the court for more time to file paperwork, on the basis "that Arnold Smith is going to be released from the State Mental Hospital shortly." The court filing may be seen here: Smith's Motion for More Time.

Smith was declared incompetent to stand trial on the charge of conspiracy to commit capital murder in the shoot-out that took place in April 2012 at the Market Street offices of local attorney Lee Abraham. Instead, the court had Dr. Smith committed for evaluation and treatment at Whitfield.

Meanwhile, Abraham filed a civil suit against Smith seeking damages for Smith's allegedly plotting to kill Abraham. Just weeks before the case was set for trial, Smith filed for federal bankruptcy protection, putting over a year-long halt to the civil litigation. The bankruptcy filing is widely viewed to be a stalling tactic by Smith to put off Mr. Abraham's day in court. Details about the Smith/Abraham case, as well as the bankruptcy, may be seen here: Trustee Claims Arnold Smith Bankruptcy Filed in Bad Faith.

Meanwhile, Smith's attorneys have been fighting to have him released from the mental hospital as well.

Mr. Geno informed the bankruptcy court that he has never actually met with Dr. Smith, who all this time has been locked away at Whitfield, but would like to discuss the upcoming legal filings directly with Smith before they are filed. Geno asked for more time because he has been told that Smith will be released shortly.

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