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URGENT: Hospital Fires Beloved Long-time Doctor

Thursday, January 31, 2019, 1:10 pm News Flash Archive

Greenwood Leflore Hospital fired Dr. James R. Hardin last Monday. As usual, no reason was provided.

Hardin's last day will be March 1st.

A highly respected urologist, Dr. Hardin has been practicing in Greenwood since 1979.

Dr. Hardin, along with Dr. James Robbins, have been partners at the Greenwood Urology Clinic since 1980. Dr. Robbins' contract was renewed by the hospital last Monday.

The Hospital Board of Commissioners has been trying to force both Drs. Hardin and Robbins out since January 2018. According to several sources, the Board secretly ordered then-CEO James Jackson to fire the two doctors, but for some reason Jackson refused.

At the March 20, 2018 meeting, he Hospital Board then fired Mr. Jackson as CEO. At the same meeting, when the minutes of the previous meetings came up for approval, the Board secretly altered them to remove Robbins' and Hardin's names from the discussion. The minutes, naturally, are secret.

But now at last, the hospital board has gotten its way, at least as far as Dr. Hardin is concerned.

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John Pittman Hey
The Taxpayers Channel

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